Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jandy's Reading Room Blog Has Moved

My New Blog Site

For years my blog has been through Blogger and my website was a static html site hosted separately. Then about three years ago I decided I needed to convert my site to an interactive format. In January my 6 months to 1 year project finally went live. There are still bugs I want to work out.

I worked on them for a while (no, I still don’t have the stars in the rating system working correctly…). I’ve decided it’s finally time to get my blog transferred over so it’s with my website.

Of course I now I have fix the links in the blog, so if you get to older ones that the link’s are broken – know that I’ll get to them. Now I may even start blogging more again.

I have been looking back over the blog entries I wrote at the time I got started on the new site. I was optimistic and hadn’t yet learned what my small site meant to the guy I hired to help me with the new design. I quickly got lost in amidst his large clients. If you ever decide to redesign your site with help, make sure you hire someone who works mainly with small sites.